I’ve Been Tagged: Five Quirky Habits Of Mine

Both Lia and Elara tagged me with this, in Spanish, but since I’ve always kept the blog in English, I’ll be answering this meme in English too. So here we go:

Five Quirky Habits Of Mine
(Cinco Extraños Hábitos Tuyos)
  1. I use one “style” of taking notes for each of my university courses. A different main colour, higlightings, comments, exercises, etc. It makes a beautiful “book” at the end of the year – and I even get compliments.
  2. I need to read. I need it, just like that. So I always have a book (at least) around, and magazines.
  3. The first thing I do when I turn on my computer is enabling the wifi, and then updating and upgrading my debian
  4. I always leave the HiFi on when I go to sleep, with a timer off. I need the music to cover the background noises.
  5. I always wear a star earring on my right ear. Nearly always (unless I have to get out in a rush) wear a ring on my left hand. And I only wear a watch when I have exams, and then it’s on my right wrist (don’t really need it!).

I don’t want to force anyone into this, so whoever reads my blog and likes the meme can consider him/her-self tagged!


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