Happy Girl With Lots Of Presents!

I just got my package from the Christmas exchange. My gifter is Elara! Thank you very much, Elara, all the things are beautiful. First, a general pic of all the presents, still wrapped:


Then, all the things unwrapped!


You can see a little pouch that came with the candy inside, a pair of socks(!), a pretty pendant or brooch in the shape of a butterfly, soap confetty in a glass packaging, an orange shaped candle, a pink elephant! magnet (I love pink elephants, they remind me of a beer called “Delirium Tremens” *grin*), a freebie to try out the parfum Black U, by Adolpho Dominguez, a shower gel with the fragance of 212 by Carolina Herrera, some vaseline, lilac eye-shadow, a mug with the alphabet scribbled all over it, and the most beautiful hand made scarf! (I think it is the Knitty pattern called Wavy, am I right, Elara? Edit: I am wrong, Elara just told me it’s Lia‘s Rainy Day Scarf *blush* Sorry, Lia!!)

For some detail pics, you can see: the pouch, the butterfly, the pink elephant, the socks and soaps.

It was wonderful opening the package, really! Everything was beautiful :-)

Gracias, Elara! (can’t say it enough!)


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6 Responses to Happy Girl With Lots Of Presents!

  1. Lía says:

    oh! everything it’s beautiful!! you’re such a lucky girl :))

  2. Nairta says:

    Great all your gifts! How beautiful is the butterfly :)

  3. Sade says:

    I agree! I feel very very lucky! :-)

  4. nadine says:

    Todo precioso! como no, viniendo de elara!!! ;)

  5. Elara says:

    Me alegra muchisimo que te haya gustado todo. Ha sido muy divertido ir buscando poco a poco todas las cositas para incluirlas; además, de la incertidumbre de no saber si iba a acertar o no.

  6. olivia-p says:

    Lindo paquete, me gusta todo pero la carterita es preciosa. Happy Christmasday!

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