I’ve fallen

And into what? you’ll ask.. I’ve fallen into online s.e.x. (nice acronym for Stash Enhancement eXpedition, eh?).

I got myself 250 grams of Suffolk worsted to heavy worsted wool, hand-dyed in a nice colourway called Autumn Heather, for a nice warm winter hat (still pattern undecided, maybe I’ll go for the Kittyville Hat from S`n`B handbook) – my head and ears freeze on the way to university, and they’ll freeze more in Belgium, so I’m in need of one that at least I can handwash. You can see the wool in this pic:

autumn heather wool

And also indulged in 200 grams of pure new wool, DK weight, hand-dyed in Incan Forest shade. This one will be for making myself fingerless mittens/gloves (downloadable pdf pattern), with cabled ribbing. My hands tend to freeze when I’m at the computer or I need to write a lot, which is always, so these will be very handy too. And here you see the Incan Forest shade:

Incan Forest DK wool

If you’re interested in these yarns, I bought them on ebay, but the seller has her own website www.thenaturaldyestudio.com where you can know a bit more of their work:

Here at The Natural Dye Studio we hand-dye the historical way, using flowers, roots, leaves and heartwood’s. We believe our products are safer for your skin and safer for the enviroment.

We only use dyes and mordants that will not harm the environment, all our spent dye baths and dye materials are composted and used to fertilise our organic garden.


We only use 100% natural materials and whenever possible use unbleached fibres and fabrics as this eliminates an uneccesary and toxic procedure in the manufacture of textiles.

Some weeks ago I also got 200 grams of nice fleece, washed and carded, from Ryeland sheeps, in dark gray, that I’ll use for learning to spin(!). I want to learn this other fiber art, it looks very interesting and another thing to spend my little free time on. The fleece is waiting for me in Belgium, where I’ll hand-make a couple of drop spindles (both top and bottom drop spindles), and (try to) learn to spin. Pic of the fleece bought at Forest Fibres:


It was nice s.e.x. It felt good (but I’ll try not to boost my stash too much, I’m on a student budget).


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6 Responses to I’ve fallen

  1. Lia says:

    Ohh! what a nice yarn!!!

  2. Sade says:

    Thanks! I’m really looking forward to have it between my hands and start knitting away :-)

  3. Laura says:

    Oooh, pretty yarn! I really love the Autumn Heather color. And look at you, learning to spin. I’m afraid if I started spinning, I’d never have time to knit! :)

  4. Sade says:

    I loved the Autumn Heather colour at first sight – I first wanted it for the mittens, but when I asked the vendor, it ended being too thick (65 meters per 50 grams) so I switched it to the hat, and looked for another yarn to make the mittens – Isn’t it a good excuse to buy more yarn? *grin*
    And about spinning, I’ll try to teach myself on a drop spindle, and if I like it, start saving for buying myself a nice spinning wheel. The ones I keep seeing on ebay that I could afford, end traveling from the Netherlands to the USA most of the times. I’m a bit *grrr* about certain americans!

  5. Olga says:

    Glad to hear the s.e.x. was so satisfying. ;-) I love it when we knitters get naughty! Your new stash is very nice, and thanks for pointing us to the gauntlet pattern. I immediately downloaded it and plan to make it one of my next projects.

    thanks for the comment on my blog!

  6. Nens says:

    I like the Incan Forest shade best. Maybe, just maybe I can finally get a picture of that scarf you knitted for me, which is the greatest bestest thing I ever had ever in my entire life :p (Yes I am US-ian, I like to ramble… SHUT UP!) :D

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