Package Exchange For Christmas

I joined Betty’s package exchange. I already know to whom I have to send my package – I know more or less how I’ll make the the postcard, and I’m already thinking of the hand-craft and the other pressies for her.

I was thinking of making this easier for the person who has to send me something, so I’ll tell a bit more about my interests. I like to knit and cook, as it’s obvious from my previous posts ;-) So maybe some little interesting recipe, or spice, or yarn or anything like that is suitable. I am a true chocoholic, as my family, my boyfriend and my friends can tell. Give me chocolate and I am a happy girl! I also read as many books as time allows: sci-fi, history, novels… and I love music (rock, pop, heavy metal, jazz, classic, irish folk, celtic… most of it, but not all). I’m pretty geeky, so computer thingies are nice too (but expensive, so out of the range here!). You can see my amazon wishlist and some things I like from getknitted on the wishlists links on the right too, to get some ideas.

I think that’s most of it, if you have any questions, you can post them through comments, and I’ll answer as soon as I can. (Suggestion: create a ‘hiden identity’ name and email address for those post, so it doesn’t give out who you are!).


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  1. Jan says:

    Yups, she’s a chocoholic… but then, even I can not resist the wonderful chocolate made in Brughes…. :P

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