Saturday Eve Handcraft!

What do you do a saturday evening, when you don’t feel like studying or going out and need to relax some? Handcrafting! I had seen some tutorials to make beaded stitch markers (like this and this) and since I’m planning on making the clapotis, I’ll need some (18, if I recall correctly).

On friday I went shopping, and on the way I took this nice photo of Ex-Wilma, the hurricane that left the Caribbean islands completely upside down, and left some tourists with ugly memories of their holidays and honeymoons. Wilma visited Madrid, and covered the sky with very dark grey clouds. The pic is taken around 6p.m. friday (28th October 2005) and I can tell it was very very dark. Once we got into the ‘eye’, it started pouring like there was no end- but we got a clean car *grin*.

Ex Wilma In Madrid

So anyway, I did some shopping and got some materials for making stitch markers. I bought some silver platted eye pins and 8mm. glass beads (with ‘cracked’ effect – they look like they’re broken inside … on purpose) in orange. I added some small beads, jewelry pliers, a metal knitting needle (instead of the pen that shows the pic) and made my stich markers.
Materials Stitch Markers

Searching the web I had also seen a “rudimentary” row counter, based on an abacus. So I took my jewelry wire and more beads in two different colours and made a heart shaped one (sooo cheesy!). You can see mine in this pic:
Row Counter

And, on the needles (or better, off the needles) is my Windy City Scarf. It only needs sewing in the ends that I will do in no time, because I want to use it on monday. Pictures of my fluffy pimp rabbit modeling the scarf:
Pimp & Scarf 01 Pimp & Scarf 02

Ain’t he cute? It was a present from a dear friend, and now he’s a top-model!

That is all, folks!


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3 Responses to Saturday Eve Handcraft!

  1. Jan says:

    Th4 r4bb1t 1s th4 p1mp!

  2. Mum2 says:

    Nice work, you should continue

  3. monikaliu says:

    It’s a nice image!!!!

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