The Hoover Blanket – In Progress

So, I started the baby blanket this past weekend, after finishing the two previous projects. I casted on 110 nice stitches (with stitch markers every 10, so I wouldn’t get lost counting them). The result was a 6 mm. needle (50 cm long, perhaps) totally crammed with stitches. A beautiful sight you can enjoy here:

Crammed Needle

Then I took my (lovely, adorable, sweet, soft, delicious) Addi Bamboo in size 5 mm. and 100 cm. long, and started knitting away! Garter stitch is boring boring boring! Fifteen rows later, and nearly a 50 gr. skein gone, I start pondering if I bought enough yarn. So I asked my mother what should I do, and she suggested reducing the garter border (bless you!) and start with the double knitting section. Instead of the 7.5 cm. border it will be something around 5 or 6 cm. Since it will be a stroller blankie, the size is more than enough (seeing the strollers now…). Another pic, of the garter stitch border already on my circs:

Blankie on circs

So at the moment I have doubled all the center stitches, and I have 200(!), and 180 of them are the double knit part: 90 in one colour, and 90 in the other. And I’ll continue along knitting having fun with the blankie tomorrow. I need a side project!

I didn’t get any sewing done. I wasn’t feeling like it. I guess that’s the problem of not having a room dedicated to it, and having to clean the table, set up all, start sewing, then clean again and put all away… I hope I can get something else done soon…